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False DUI Charges are More Common than You Might Think

Without a doubt, California has the highest statistics for traffic-related crimes and accidents. According to information provided by the Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA), California had the highest number of licensed drivers out of all 50 states, making up more than 11% of the national total. With so many drivers on the road, the California Highway Patrol is under a lot of pressure to keep traffic offenses to a minimum for the safety of all other motorists. Driving under the influence, or "DUI," is without a doubt the most deadly of these offenses, and law enforcement officers are quick to pull suspects over and arrest them for drunk driving.

Due to the pressure that officers are under to get intoxicated drivers off the roads, the possibility of false charges are higher than one might think. Police misconduct could affect the results of field sobriety tests. Even a breath or blood test result could be wrong if the process was rushed or mishandled. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, don't hesitate to contact an Orange County DUI defense attorney right away to determine what defense strategies may benefit you and to retain a lawyer with the skill to fight your charges.

Areas of Practice - DUI Defense Attorney in Orange County, CA

When you are arrested for DUI, your license will be suspended unless you follow the "10 Day Rule" and request a DMV hearing within 10 days of your arrest. These hearings are unique and are not the same as a civil DUI trial. Therefore, DMV hearings require the counsel, guidance and representation of an attorney with experience in the area. This is just one reason why retaining my firm would be an excellent choice. Having handled more than 2,500 defense cases during my years in practice, I have the knowledge and experience to present a strong argument to the DMV and help you obtain a hardship license so you can still drive while your official trial and sentence are pending.

Regarding DUI trial cases, I am more than prepared to build a strong case and defend you from a wrongful conviction. If sentenced for DUI, you could face high fines and time in jail. Multiple DUI offenses increase the penalties - for a fourth or subsequent DUI, the offense becomes a felony and will result in a prison sentence. It is also important to keep in mind that a conviction for intoxicated driving will put two points on your driving record, which could result in a license suspension under the California DMV point system if you receive too many points within a certain period of time.

There are other areas that require detailed knowledge and experience in DUI laws and defense. For example, a drugged driving arrest requires a different approach than charges of drunk driving. The defense strategies are different since the alleged offender's charges are based on their being high or impaired by prescription or over-the-counter drugs, not intoxicated by alcohol. Defense is also different when the alleged offender is under 21, since a conviction will result in different penalties than for a driver of legal drinking age. Expungements are another legal process that requires special experience, since certain criteria must be met and detailed procedures must be followed for a convicted offender to have their record erased. If you have been charged with one of these or any other offenses, call the offices of Barney B. Gibbs, Attorney at Law today for a free case evaluation.

Contact a DUI Lawyer in Orange County, CA

My firm could provide you with personalized attention that is difficult to find from most defense lawyers. Having handled more than 2,500 cases over the past three decades, I have come to a detailed understanding of the Orange County court system and know the judges and DAs who work there. Get the aggressive representation and one-on-one service that you need by contacting an Orange County DUI lawyer from my offices today.

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